Jerrod Delaine

Jerrod Delaine, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Real Estate Development, is a decorated scholar with a Bachelor’s Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture from Florida A & M University School of Architecture and Environmental Technology as well as a Master of Science degree from New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate. As a seasoned Real Estate Developer with over a decade of experience, Jerrod has amassed a uniquely diverse skill set that includes Design, Construction, Finance, Affordable Housing, and Asset Management.

Jerrod spent the first five years of his career at Forum Architecture and Interior Design where his efforts focused on project managing affordable housing projects in the southeast region of the United States. He then parlayed that experience into the role of Director of Development at Carthage Advisors, a black-owned, Harlem-based development firm. The Carthage business model concentrated on the preservation and development of affordable housing in the Metro New York Area, where the typical financing instrument was Low Income Housing Tax Credits and Tax-Exempt Bonds. In this position, Jerrod led crucial Asset Management for acquisition rehab deals, where acquiring existing properties and performing tenant-in-place renovations is both an art and a science when maintaining the quality of life during the rehabilitation phase is of the utmost importance. Jerrod led negotiations with tenant association leaders, community organizers, and general resident meetings.

After 8 years as Development Director at Carthage, Jerrod joined Donahue Peebles III to build Legacy, a value-based company committed to utilizing access to capital markets, improving communities through real estate finance and development, where he is now the CEO. Demonstrating his lifelong commitment to education, Jerrod continues to serve as an adjunct professor at both his alma mater, NYU, and Pratt Institute, educating both Graduate and Undergraduate students with an aptitude for development, public-private partnerships, urban economics, and portfolio management.

With decades of experience defined by various awards and accolades and amassed through three degrees, and countless prosperous acquisitions and developments, Jerrod is regarded as an authority and thought leader in urban housing policy.