The Real Estate Shop Podcast With Donahue Peebles III

Listen to the latest episode of the Real Estate Shop Podcast! In this episode, discover how Donahue Peebles III started his journey to become a real estate developer and his learnings from his Dad, the legendary R. Donahue Peebles Jr.
Donahue takes us through the vision behind Legacy Real Estate Development, offering insights, goals, and some pro tips on navigating professional relationships in the real estate world.

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Commercial Real Estate Insights & Affordable Housing Development With Donahue Peebles III – The Mogul Marathon Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Episode #55 of the Mogul Marathon Commercial Real Estate Podcast!
In this episode, Legacy Chairman, Donahue Peebles III, shares his journey in the commercial real estate space today, and his passion for affordable housing development.

Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil, the podcast host, engages with Donahue in thought-provoking discussions covering topics that include:

* Identifying the role of mental preparation during Donahue’s early years and its profound impact on his growth as a developer.
* Determining the asset classes in the current market with the most opportunities today.
* Addressing the challenges of affordable housing in the midst of inflationary pressures.
* Recognizing the importance of establishing a robust infrastructure for long-term success in the industry.

As Donahue mentions, “I make sure I encourage people to focus on the fundamentals but also to evaluate transactions, clear-eyed, not caring so much about winning the deal as much as ensuring its profitability.”

Indeed, this is great advice. Don’t miss out on this episode, filled with valuable insights and knowledge. Tune in now to Episode #55 of the Mogul Marathon Commercial Real Estate Podcast and gain a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate space, guided by the wisdom of this industry trailblazer!

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