Bisnow’s Florida Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Condos, and Affordable Housing Summit

This month, Donahue Peebles III, alongside a distinguished panel of experts, delivered invaluable insights on the pivotal role and impact of amenities in the multifamily real estate sector during the Multifamily and Condo Amenities panel. 

During the discussion, Donahue emphasized how affordable housing is responsive to environmental, social, and governance regulations.

Hosted at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Miami, this event served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders. Attendees, including top investors, developers, property managers, and industry experts, engaged in discussions and strategies tailored to the unique landscape of Florida’s housing market.

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2023 NHP Foundation Symposium

The 7th Annual NHPF Symposium was amazing! This year’s Symposium focused on the future of affordable housing. Donahue, recognized as a “YIMBY with a conscience”, was honored with the Affordable Housing Trailblazer Award for his efforts in mitigating the impacts of gentrification and narrowing the racial wealth gap.

During Donahue’s presentation, he brought attention to the critical matter of affordable housing, underscoring, “We’re in a seminal moment in our nation, a fundamental premise of the American dream is under attack. It used to be: you get a job, you buy a house, you raise a family and retire on the equity you’ve built. Today, homeownership is out of reach and the price of shelter is unforgivingly high.”
He proposed practical solutions, such as the expansion of downpayment assistance programs and the implementation of policy changes to tackle urban housing constraints.

This event was held in Washington, DC, and provided a platform for industry leaders to discuss crucial housing issues and emphasize the importance of collaborative efforts in ensuring affordable housing for all.

2023 Governor’s Conference on Housing and Economic Development

Hosted at the prestigious Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, this event provided an impactful platform for industry leaders such as Don Peebles and Jerrod Delaine to discuss pressing housing issues. Jerrod emphasized the pivotal role of affordable housing in fostering economic growth and community development, particularly in New Jersey.

Additionally, he shared valuable insights from his personal journey as a developer, highlighting the fundamental importance of faith, education, real estate, and entrepreneurship in achieving his notable success.

His speech served as an inspiring call to action, urging local governments to take proactive steps in addressing the critical matter of affordable housing. We’re happy to continue our mission of positively impacting communities, and we look forward to driving meaningful change in the affordable housing landscape.

Donahue Peebles III Shares Insights on Real Estate Development at Congressional Black Caucus Event

The 2023 Congressional Black Caucus event took place on Friday, September 22, at the DC Convention Center. Donahue Peebles III, Legacy’s chairman, was invited to be a panelist at the Congressional Black Caucus event hosted by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. This year’s real estate event centered around one of the most critical facets of the industry: real estate development. This incredible panel included industry experts featuring Malik Yoba and Chris Senegal.
During the event, Donahue shared not only facts but also his passion for real estate development, including the concept of affirmative development. Attendees had the privilege of gaining deep insights into this transformative approach and its potential to shape real estate communities positively.
The Congressional Black Caucus event was more than just informative; it was truly inspiring. It provided a vision of how, together, we can uplift and empower our communities through real estate. Donahue Peebles III’s presence on the real estate panel was proof of his commitment to making a meaningful impact on the real estate industry and, by extension, the communities it serves.

Stay tuned for more real estate updates. Happy developing!

Diversity Dimensions in Commercial Real Estate

Celebrating a Great Event!
Jerrod had the opportunity to be a guest panelist at the Diversity Dimensions in Commercial Real Estate Conference along with amazing experts in the industry.
During the event, he shared his diverse background and extensive involvement in Commercial Development and many Affordable Housing initiatives.
This event focused on Commercial Real Estate Investing, Technology, Opportunity Zones, Financing, Tax Incentives for Developers, and more.

2023 DCRE Conference – Jerrod Delaine

Jerrod Delaine, CEO of Legacy Real Estate Development, dives into development opportunities and guides aspiring individuals on their journey in this field. He discusses essential attributes for young developers and highlights the benefits of starting a career in development within the public service sector.

This incredible panel features experts such as Lins Agokeng, Alexis McSween, and Thomas Campbell.

2023 Diversity in Commercial Real Estate Conference

Last weekend, Jerrod Delaine had the amazing opportunity to be a speaker at the 2023 Diversity in Commercial Real Estate Conference!
His presentation focused on development opportunities and offered real-world advice. It was such a fantastic event, bringing together key players in the industry!
We gained valuable insights, and amazing content, and got the chance to connect with professionals in the industry.

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Ribbon Cutting 17th Mississippi

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a remarkable event, attended by community leaders, district housing officials, and proponents of affordable housing in the DC area. This event was honored by the presence of Washington DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, and her councilmen, who added great significance to the event. Additionally, we were privileged to have distinguished guest speakers, including Legacy Chairman, Donahue Peebles III, and NHP Foundation President, Eric W. Price.

We’re so grateful for the support of everyone who came out to show their encouragement for this new affordable housing project located in Washington, DC. 17 Mississippi Apartments including studios, one-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of families and individuals who require support. We are confident that these apartments will provide much-needed access to safe and comfortable homes.

Huge thanks to our partners National Housing Partnership Foundation and Domaine Development for their invaluable contributions to this project. Through our collective efforts, we are opening doors and eagerly anticipating the opportunity to fulfill the housing needs of our community.

THE NHP Foundation 2023 Symposium

Great News! Legacy Chairman, Donahue Peebles III, has been invited to deliver a presentation at the highly esteemed NHP Foundation 2023 Symposium. This event focuses on the future of affordable housing through innovative approaches and will be held on October 19th at Union Station in Washington, DC.
Donahue’s presentation will shed light on groundbreaking strategies and forward-thinking solutions that can shape the future of affordable housing. His expertise and insights will provide valuable perspectives to fellow industry professionals, fostering discussions and inspiring innovative approaches in this crucial sector.
In recognition of his exceptional contributions to affordable housing, Donahue will be honored with the prestigious Affordable Housing Trailblazer Award by the NHP Foundation at this event. This esteemed award highlights Donahue’s dedication, vision, and commitment to making a positive impact in the realm of affordable housing.
We are proud of Donahue’s participation and the recognition he is receiving. His involvement in the NHP Foundation 2023 Symposium underscores our company’s commitment to driving positive change and finding sustainable solutions to address the affordable housing challenge.
Stay tuned for further updates and insights from this remarkable event as we continue to advocate for affordable housing and create a lasting impact in our communities.